Tali Lichtenfeld

Coaching Beyond borders

What is coaching?

"Action without vision is only passing time,

vision without action is merely day dreaming
but vision with action can change the world"
- Nelson Mandela

Coaching is a focused process to create meaningful results for the client. Through the coaching process the client defines goals and achieves personal/professional results that reflect the values, vision and unique contribution. My job as your Adlerian Coach is to help you connect to your strengths and make authentic choice that will motivate and create movement and reach results. In the coaching we focus on the present and creating the right conditions today to fulfill your full potential in the future.

The coaching allows you to

  • Aware of his values
  • Create a long term vision and long and short term goals
  • Discover his/her creativity and uniqueness
  • Discover his/her strengths and abilities
  • Reach results and achieve goals in a short period of time
  • Focus on the future by changing the today
  • Improve relationships
  • More clarity and focus
  • Realize potential

The coaching process is short - usually 12 weekly sessions - done in person or on the phone, accompanied by pre work: practical exercises or self-reflection assignments.