Tali Lichtenfeld

Coaching Beyond borders


  • expats coaching - escorting expats through the process of relocation, immigration and integration
  • career coaching - helping find your true calling and reach that dream job
  • relationship coaching - especially during a life changing immigration process, many relationships challenges arise - I am here to see you through
  • couples coaching – you can improve your marriage and restore the intimacy and your smiles
  • workshops and lectures
  • CV writing - helping you to adjust your CV to the german guidelines and expectations
  • preparing for interviews 
    • you moved to Germany and start interviewing for a job?
    • You dream of an international career and want to be ready for that interview in English?
  • Human Resources specialist
  • professional recruitment and interviewing expert – your company or small business need to find the best person for the job? Your company struggles with a high employee turnover rate and you don’t know why?  - I’m your expert