Tali Lichtenfeld

Coaching Beyond borders

Tali taught me to see myself, respect myself and honor myself as well as others in my life. She made me make room for me and not just focus on others in my work and my family. I now do things every day that I never believed I would. Tali pushed me out of my "comfort zone" and into happiness. I feel like I can really be a better mother now, a more satisfied wife and definitely a better me. Thank you Tali for your patience and creativity. I will never forget the process we made together. (Hilla M)

טלי יקרה, הרווחתי הרבה מהאימון איתך, עזרה נפשית, עזרה פרקטית, תובנות רבות, ראייה ברורה יותר של איך להתמודד עם הרילוקיישן בכל אספקט, שלווה, מישהו לדבר איתו על כל הפחדים שלי, מיקוד. יש בך הרבה אכפתיות, אמפטיה גדולה, אינטליגנציה רגשית גבוהה, היכולת להבין את השני ולהוביל, להדריך וללוות אותו בעדינות ובסבלנות לתובנות חדשות, להתקדמות ולצמיחה. היכולת להקשיב לעומק. וזו רק רשימה חלקית. בשבילי את והאימון שלך הם מתנת אלוהים – מושלם.

(.אולי פ)

what they said about me

I would definitely recommend Tali. she showed empathy, maturity, interest in me, flexibility, she really went the extra mile for me. even though we had only a short process together the impression she left was really positive.      (H. C)

Tali, thank you so much for a wonderful growth-enabling process. it was very pleasant to work with you. Tali has a unique identification and directive abilities. she is flexible in mind and creates an atmosphere of openness. Through questions asking and examples she managed to enlighten me about a new way of thinking. we had a very trusting relationship. I am happy to recommend her and the Adlerian coaching method to anyone interested.  (L.H)

after I searched for a job in Germany for over a year, I was lost. With Tali’s support and direction, focus, professional tips and encouragement, I updated my application documents and focused on the right jobs for me. Suddenly I got calls and invitations. Tali also prepared me for the interviews, I was more confident and energetic. I recently received a job offer and I start working soon and I am very pleased.          (A. T.)

I recommend Tali's services very much. She really helped me get to the place i am now. She is very professional and she helped me update my CV and adjust them and my cover letter and get all the other documents in order. her professional tips have been very helpful. she helped me prepare for the interview and when they interviews started coming i was already prepared.

thanks to her professionalism and her caring - i am now with a very good job offer in my hand. i recommend Tali to everyone who is looking for a job in Germany. i couldn't have done it without her. I search for a job for more than a year before i went to her, and after just 3 months i got the perfect job for me. (S.A)

Tali is a warm hearted coach, with a radiant smile. She is an acute listener and picks up on nuances in clients speech. She is skillful in using client language and intentions to allow client to become aware and reflective.

Tali was very tuned in to my language and how that was influencing my choices in life. She played back some phrases I had used and this increased my awareness about how I was telling my story. In addition she tapped into my visual learning and in each session, a visual clue was chosen to embed the learning.

Each session raised my awareness about the way in which I was using language to create self imposed obligations. A re-framing of the options available has really allowed me to make intentional choices. Thank you Tali for being a truly warm hearted coach with a grate sense of humor who challenges in a respectful way and listens for the music beneath the words and who holds the client accountable for her own progress.

(Mary. O.)